For centuries western culture had maintained a wedding tradition mostly focused around the bride.  While it’s unlikely the groom will ever capture a spotlight quite as bright as his leading lady, the latest hot trend in the wedding world has brides offering their men a larger chunk than ever before.

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It may be common knowledge that most brides have dreamt of their wedding day since the ripe old age of 5, but always remember it’s his special day as well as yours and be sure to incorporate details that reflect his personality.  Your groom may be uninterested in the variety of flowers you select for your centerpieces, but there are several opportunities to place his stamp on the party itself.

A Grand Entrance Fit for Your Groom

Your bridal party entrance can set the tone for your reception and get your guests pumped up for what’s to come.  While the grand entrance itself is a long held tradition, how you are introduced for the first time as a married couple is entirely up to you.  This presents a great opportunity for showcasing an aspect of your groom’s personality or one of his passions.  A recent Addison groom was a HUGE Star Wars fan and the bridal party opted to create a canopy of light sabers for the newlyweds to walk under as they entered the reception.  Not only did it create a moment that the wedding guests will never forget…It was also an amazing photo opportunity!

5 Fun Ideas for the Groom2

A Sweet Surprise for your Sweetheart

Wedding cake design is a tradition that has gone from classic to creative over the last decade, so it is no surprise to see the trend of “groomifying” your wedding; baked right into the cake.  Whether it’s an action figure or his favorite sports team mascot, brides are surprising their grooms with a personalized figurine peeking out from underneath their otherwise traditional cakes.  Not only will this sweet idea guarantee a special smile from your groom, it’s also a great approach to infusing a personal touch without clashing with your overall theme.

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Your Dreamboat’s Drink

Another great way to give your groom some ownership over the big day is to get creative when it comes to the bar. Your groom’s favorite brew is the Moscow Mule…why not make it a signature drink at your wedding and surprise your man with his very own engraved copper mug, (for those who don’t know, all true Moscow Mule enthusiasts consider the copper mug mandatory.)  If your groom’s favorite drink doesn’t have quite the same pizzazz as a Moscow Mule, consider personalizing the name of a signature drink and including a framed menu at each bar.  Some fun examples include “Cosmo”Paul”Itan” or a “John’s Jack & Coke.”

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Bring the Game to Your Groom

The same concept applies to food!  Late-night menus are super hot in the wedding world right now and also offer a fortuitous excuse to send another shout out to your groom.  Does your other half enjoy his season tickets to the Marlins?  Bring the stadium to him by offering the classic soft pretzel in your late-night bite menu.  If working your groom’s favorite snacks into the actual evening’s cuisine isn’t a possibility, try personalizing the table menus or candy bar displays with “His and Her” picks.

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Dancing Kicks Just for Him

Comfort is key when dancing the night away, especially on your big day!  You will often find the bridal party decked out for dancing comfort with specially made flip flops or ballerina flats.  There is no reason your groom shouldn’t be equipped with his own pair of party shoes! Why not personalize some comfy kicks for your new hubby and his groomsmen to help them let loose and enjoy the dance floor.

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