Finding the Perfect Headpiece

Finding the perfect hair piece for your special day is no small task. One rule of thumb to follow is my “Busy & Simple” Theory. If your dress is busy and has a lot going on, such as frills, lace, beading and so on your hair piece should be simple and smaller in size.

If your gown is simple, your hair piece should be busy! Large flowers, bird cage veils, beaded and feathered hair pieces. All add that extra touch of glam to your look.

You want your hair accessory to flow seamlessly with your gown and not be overbearing. Creating a style board is a great way to see which hair piece would best suit your personal style and your gown.

Here are a few Examples:

Lace Bridal Gowns

Finding the Perfect Headpiece2

Bridal gowns adorned in lace are a huge hit this season and I’ve put together a few options for hair pieces that not only enhance your look but flow beautifully with your gown. Because lace gowns are so eye catching and elegant you don’t need a whole lot in your hair. Small to medium sized vintage pieces are your best bet. Whether you wear them on one side or in the back, they add just enough sparkle and bling to your look. Fresh flowers and feathered clips also add that special touch.

Finding the Perfect Headpiece3

Finding the Perfect Headpiece4

Mermaid Dresses:

Nothing shows curves like a mermaid bridal gown and we’ve got the best hair pieces to suit each style. Whether you’re wearing a simple gown or an all-out extravagant dress, here are our picks!

Finding the Perfect Headpiece5

Finding the Perfect Headpiece6

For dresses with lace, frills and glamorous embellishments, your hair piece can take the back seat. Opt for something simple such as a fresh flower, small rhinestone hair clips or a feather creation.

Finding the Perfect Headpiece7

For mermaid gowns that are simple yet equally as stunning, opt for something a little more over-the-top when it comes to your hair piece. Large faux flowers and head pieces or a Bird Cage Veil will add a vintage twist and chic look to a modern gown.

Finding the Perfect Headpiece8

Finding the Perfect Headpiece9

Ballroom Gowns:

Finding the Perfect Headpiece10

Ballroom Gowns are the cinderella story, played out by every bride who wears one and we have just the hair piece for you.

Fresh Flowers or small to medium sized hair pins work best with this style of dress. Fresh Flowers are soft and romantic while embellished hair clips add just enough sparkle to your already “wow” gown.

Finding the Perfect Headpiece11

Flowered Halo’s!

These are becoming more and more popular especially for outdoor weddings and can be made of either fresh or faux flowersHalo’s are usually worn with more simple dresses in either lace or taffeta and can be made from a wide variety of flowers. They can either sit on the forehead or be worn like a head band. You can make them extra special by incorporating a brooch or your “something borrowed” to add a little bling and personality.

Finding the Perfect Headpiece12