The Why & How of Hosting a Honeymoon Shower

The number of couples skipping the time honored custom of a honeymoon has risen in recent years and while individual couples have their own reasons for this break in tradition, often times it boils down to budget and time.

Travel is not cheap these days and in the midst of planning your dream wedding, investing the time to carefully search for the best deals on everything from airfare to accommodations and romantic dinners out can drop to the bottom of your priority list.


At the same time that honeymoon’s are falling by the wayside, the wedding shower tradition has remained steadfast.  The point of this less formal event, hosted by family and friends of the couple, is mainly about gifting the soon-to-be newlyweds with items essential to setting up house and home.  While it’s always nice to have monogrammed towels and kitchen gadgets you’ll use twice, we think it may be time to redefine tradition…

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower1

Since only a fraction of couples are actually moving out of mom and dad’s house for the first time and many couples may share a home already, these traditional gifts may not be as essential as they once were.  If this describes you and your groom, we recommend considering a Honeymoon Shower instead!  Why register for fancy china you’ll rarely touch when you can trade it all in for that romantic getaway all newly married couples deserve!

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower2

Not only is the honeymoon shower a more practical idea for the times, it also makes for a much more exciting event!  For one, you can say goodbye to the chick-fest and host a party you can enjoy with your husband-to-be and ALL your friends and family- both the ladies and the men.

Here are some ideas you can use to create your own honeymoon shower!

Use Your Destination as a Theme

Pick your place and give your guests a taste by using the destination as the event theme.  Not only will this provide opportunities for creative event details, it will inspire your guests when it comes time for gift giving!  Either go big with over the top props or use simple touches to share your destination with guests.  Serve cuisine native to the places you plan to visit and create a special game featuring trivia about the area.  Your family and friends will become your collective tour guides and will find themselves engaged in a pastime most enjoy…planning a dream vacation.

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower3

Register for Room Nights

Give your guests the opportunity to sponsor one night at your preselected hotel or resort.  While the cost of a two week stay might seem overwhelming, if just a handful of guest’s gift you one night each, you are well on your way to a great extended stay!

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower4

Meal Tickets

Make sure to research your destination and provide your guests access to a list of great restaurants in the area; this way your friends and family can purchase gift cards for your romantic dinners.  If you are a seeking adventure, allow your guests to do their own reconnaissance and have their restaurant picks guide your evenings out!

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower5

Unwrap an Experience

Choose some great outings and activities you and your hubby-to-be would love to try while on your honeymoon and give your guests the chance to gift you with an actual experience. Before you know it, your honeymoon itinerary will be complete!

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower6

Share the Memory

Skip the customary Hallmark card and snap a photo of you and your hubby enjoying each gift in real time and use it to create a personal thank you card.  Not only will this make each step of your honeymoon that much more meaningful, it’s guaranteed to bring  a huge smile to the ones who made those memories you’ll cherish forever a reality!

The concept of a honeymoon shower brings endless options for a fun and creative party.  You can be sure your guest will be thrilled at the opportunity to not only attend something fresh and original, but also to know their gifts are the reason you will get that all important honeymoon experience.

Hosting a Honeymoon Shower7