Jaclyn and Kevin were married under the Banyan trees at the Addison on June 7th. This absolutely adorable couple initially dreamed of a beach wedding, but after visiting the Addison, Jaclyn’s vision changed and she couldn’t imagine saying “I Do” anywhere else!  

Jaclyn & Kevin's Summer Romance1

Jaclyn & Kevin's Summer Romance2

After reciting the beautiful vows they wrote themselves under the Banyan Trees , the couple and their guests moved into our historical Main Dining Room to dance the night away.

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Addison: What was the deciding factor in selecting the Addison as your wedding venue?

I always envisioned getting married on the beach until I saw the Addison! After visiting the Addison I completely changed my mind. The courtyard with the Banyan trees makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. We also heard countless times how important food is to all the guests and knew the reputation at the Addison was beyond amazing.

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Addison: If you had to choose one moment from your wedding that will always bring a huge smile to your face, which would it be?

I would say the first look was the moment I will always smile about. After spending time looking for the perfect dress, having my hair and makeup done, I couldn’t wait to see Kevin’s face when he saw me for the first time. I knew Kevin had no idea what kind of dress I would pick out or what kind of style I was going for so it was an even bigger surprise. We both couldn’t stop smiling and it was such an intimate moment for the two of us.

Jaclyn & Kevin's Summer Romance13

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