Let’s face it, when we women began dreaming about our wedding day as little girls, it all started with a vision of ourselves and how we appeared.  We clearly imagined what we looked like in our dream dress, with our hair and face as perfect as a Disney princess.  Now grown up and actually in the middle of planning the big day, it is our gowns, our hair and our makeup we visualize first.  While the brides of old most likely had the very same images as little girls, it is today’s bride that can actually make it all come true.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions1

With advances in the hair industry, today’s brides have the option of top notch hair extensions.  Whether you have short hair and you’re looking for long gorgeous curls or you have thin hair and you want a voluminous, full up-do, it can all now be achieved!

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions2

According to one of our top resident hairstylists, Rebecca Mousseau, roughly 80% of her brides are using hair extensions to some extent and to look at them you would never know it!

While you may think the only way to truly achieve your dream hairdo for the big day is to have permanent hair extensions woven into your hair, Rebecca admits the majority of her brides opt to use clip-in extensions.  Rather than spending thousands of dollars, sitting for an eight hour session and running the risk of long-term hair damage, clip-ins can be attached quickly and easily the morning of the wedding and can be removed just as easily and reused for years to come!

Clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colors so there’s something for everyone.  They not only add length to your hair but they add a ton of volume as well, which is great for hair worn up or down.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions3The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions4

Professional Tips for Clip-in Hair Extensions:

Make sure to purchase human hair extensions, as they can be curled, cut and colored for optimal usage and results. Synthetic fibers cannot be curled…don’t try it!  You’ll be pulling melted plastic off your curling irons.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions5

When attaching clip-in extensions, tease the base of your hair so they cannot slip.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions6

For an up-do with added volume, make sure to clip in your extensions upside down and on an angel so they don’t show.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions7

So if you’re envisioning beautiful long, thick hair on your wedding day, explore the world of clip-in extensions.  You’ll be surprised at your options and the different price points.  Not only can you have thick gorgeous hair you want on your wedding day, but you can also use them over and over to enhance your hairstyle on a daily basis.

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions8

The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions9
The Long and the Short of Hair Extensions10Rebecca Mousseau has been happily styling brides for the past 11 years.  Her passion is creating the perfect hairstyle and seeing the excitement in a bride’s eyes when they see it for the first time.  She is always searching for inspirations and loves the creativity that it brings.  Her job has allowed her to travel all over the United States and Eastern Canada, servicing brides of every nationality and culture, for which she is extremely thankful for.


To see more of Rebecca’s work or to schedule a consult for your own wedding hairstyle, visit phairisluxury.com or call 561-906-7408.