Interview with the Addison’s Executive Chef Patrick Duffy

Menu Advice from Executive Chef Patrick1In this day and age, it’s easy to become jaded about alleged new developments in event cuisine. Every venue promises the next palate-exploding blockbuster, but it seems that each time we attend a wedding; these promises dissolve with a bitter fizzle. This cannot be said about Executive Chef Patrick Duffy and his culinary team who have perfected highly personalized farm-to-table menus that are prepared fresh to order on the night of your wedding and will delight even the most discerning food critic.

He stepped away from his kitchen to talk to us about what makes a wedding memorable to him.


What should Addison couples consider when creating their wedding menu?

There are a few very important factors to consider when creating a perfect menu. Your blended family’s cultural background, any dietary requirements and your individual budget. It is important to not only create a menu that you will enjoy eating on the day of your wedding but also reminds guests attending just how special you are as a couple. Your wedding menu should be something that guests leave your wedding talking about and my goal is to ensure that your friends and family are calling you days following your wedding to compliment you on how spectacular the food was!

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What recent wedding is most memorable to you?

On September 5th we hosted a wedding for Erin & Niraj. The wedding and menu perfectly married the bride and grooms unique and very creative personalities with their diverse cultural backgrounds and personal dietary requirements. It truly was an honor to bring their personal vision to life and certainly will be a memory I cherish.

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Why was this wedding so memorable?

We needed to create a menu that incorporated many factors. Firstly the bride was extremely creative and was very passionate about creating a unique never before seen wedding that was representative of her and her fiancée’s personality. She created the menu card, monogram, burlap napkin and the enormous personalized bar.

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Secondly Erin’s family is American and Niraj and his family are Indian so we needed a culturally diverse menu that featured America classics but also the powerful flavors and colors of Indian Cuisine.

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In addition to the blending of two cultural backgrounds and the importance of representing both throughout the wedding there needed to be a strong focus on vegetarian options. Meats needed to be eliminated entirely!

The cocktail hour featured butler passed Hors d ‘0euvres of Caramelized Watermelon, Red Chilli & Curry Seared Ahi Tuna, Vegetable Spring Rolls & Mini Grilled Gruyere Cheese with a Thai Coconut Lime Soup.

Menu Advice from Executive Chef Patrick11

Additionally there were multiple live action stations all offering gourmet vegetarian options and the centerpiece to the entire cocktail hour was a 16 ft Farmers Table with an Olive Oil bar, varieties of Beets, Figs, and Exotic Fruits and  Vegetables, a unique Crostini Station, Cheeses from all over the world and freshly Baked Breads. It was a truly memorable cocktail hour.

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The dinner was hosted in the Mizner ballroom and the room was set with a variety of tables all laden with rustic elements.

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The menu included our signature favorite of the Organic Berry and Fig Salad followed by a choice of Miso and Sake Marinated Chilean Sea Bass, Gorgonzola Cheese and Pear Fiocci Pasta and Vegetable Korma.

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After the dinner guests entered the Main Dining Room for the after party and more surprises. These included a gourmet coffee cart, coffee inspired Viennese Display with a variety of miniature desserts some showcasing Erin’s monogram and a cognac and chocolate bar set up in the Club Room.

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It was a spectacular wedding menu for a memorable couple that truly blended personality, cultural backgrounds, dietary preference and creativity.