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Planning the annual corporate holiday party can be quite a feat. All too often the weeks of anticipation and excitement leading up to the end of year bash far exceeds the reality. We are social beings and our strength comes from community and in those moments of gathering, good things happen. It is a known fact that businesses entertain clients knowing that socializing builds relationships which equals more business. The company holiday party should be exactly that; a time to celebrate professional accomplishments and give back to your staff. Putting work aside for a couple hours to eat, drink and be merry is a wonderful way to build a stronger team. Working for a 5 Star awarded restaurant makes me somewhat bias when it comes to the subject of entertaining. For me, it boils down to one simple belief: “Life Happens around Food”. From weddings to births, graduation to retirement — communities worldwide come together to celebrate life’s moments or professional accomplishments with food and drink. The Addison has an outstanding culinary team able to create interesting menus that will perfectly suit any themed corporate bash. Here are some ideas to take the office party from ordinary to fanciful!

Roaring 20’s … the shadowy world of Speakeasy

It’s 1928 and prohibition is in full swing, gangs rule the streets. Your guests will enter the gates displaying an authentic 1920’s Cadillac and whisper a password to gain access to the Addison’s hidden den of intrigue. After listening to the sounds of a lone saxophonist in the Addison’s spectacular courtyard while enjoying Chef Patrick’s huge array of hors d’oeuvres enter the glamorous Main Dining Room. This theme lends itself to a four course dinner all enjoyed while listening to the sounds of a foot tapping jazz band. After dinner have your guests head to the illicit gambling den to try their hand at blackjack and roulette.

Event Décor by Daniel Events

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The Chocolate Factory

If you’d like to incorporate whimsical fantasies into your company’s holiday party, try hosting a Willy Wonka-themed holiday soiree. The Addison is the perfect backdrop for over-sized props, quirky décor, and a rainbow of bright colored fabrics. Make sure to include mountains of candy, bountiful desserts and a chocolate fountain. All you need is a little imagination and your guests will be transported directly to the magical land of Willy Wonka.

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Masquerade Ball

This formal theme incorporates decorative masks to adorn the faces of all guests. If you go about this theme with enthusiasm and energy, you, too, could have an experience nearly as extravagant as the Phantom of the Opera. Forget red-and-green think purple-black-and-gold, opulence and romance. The Main Dining room with its theatrical chandeliers and high ceilings is the perfect venue to host this theme but remember a playlist of eerie, classical music pieces, including numbers from Phantom are a must. Think extravagance when planning the event menu.

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Winter Wonderland

Take the Winter Wonderland theme to the extreme by turning your entire party into one big white extravaganza. There are endless possibilities with this theme which could be as simple as using our Addison house white linens, china and chairs but adding white Christmas trees with white ornaments and accents of silver sparkle by scattering small silver-wrapped gifts throughout the tablescape and bigger ones in corners of the room or under the white Christmas trees. For those with a healthy décor budget you can transport your guests straight to the North Pole and deliver a real life experience with oversized props like a giant Igloo and 6 ft Polar Bear. Consider hiring a cappella group to entertain your guests, singing holiday classics including some of the songs made famous by White Christmas. Cocktails can include White Russians, White Ladies, Eggnog or White Cosmos.

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Rio Carnival 

Experience the greatest and most colorful party on earth! Host the cocktail hour in the outside courtyard so your guests can enjoy the lush and tropical environment of the Addison while enjoying carnival dancers and aerial tumblers. Then have your guests join the intoxicating rhythms and the colorful carnival procession of the dancers and acrobats through to our uniquely atmospheric dining area. The Main Dining Room will be dramatically lit and displaying oversized props and feathers galore. Design a sumptuous four course dinner interspersed with thrilling bursts of aerial entertainment and stunning fire performances and plenty of dancing. This themed event also lends itself to multiple outdoor food stations.

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Dream Circus

This is a dazzling theme that will have employees and guests raving about the visual effects and ambiance of the party for weeks to come. Entertainment is an important element of a circus-themed party. Consider hiring aerial tightrope walkers, clowns, jugglers and tumblers. In addition to scheduling some of the bigger acts as part of the “show” portion of the evening, hire some of them to walk around the event to entertain guests sporadically. These could include magicians who perform random street magic. Circus themed décor will support the theme and really give guests something to talk about. Incorporate a lot of long red and white drapery into the event design. The Main Dining Room is the perfect room to replicate the ‘Big Top’. Your Dream Circus menu should include food stations serving Burgers & Fries, Popcorn and Cotton Candy.

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Moonlit in Marrakech

Explore the myths and magic of Marrakech where centuries of Bedouin tribes and silk traders have exchanged secrets at market places filled with spices, silks and silver. Décor can include scented oil lamps, ornate bronze sculptures all set around the tranquil fountain of the Addison courtyard. Tantalize your co-workers senses by creating an exotic bazaar with intoxicating color and exquisite fabrics and open air food stations offering many delights. Entertainment can include Belly Dancers and Fire Eaters and a Hookah lounge for authenticity.

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