Your wedding day is fast approaching and you’re wondering what to do with the locks you’ve been growing out for the special day!

With seemingly unlimited lines of products marketed everywhere, tons of so called “experts” posting on the internet and a plethora of hairstylists selling their services and wares, it can be overwhelming to decide on a regiment for your hair in preparation for your wedding.  All brides dream of looking their very best as they walk down the aisle and hair is an important element of the total package.

One of our favorite experts, Rebecca Mousseau of Phairis Bridal has stripped down to the basics in order to help our brides create a regiment perfect for achieving full, beautiful and frizz-free hair for their wedding day.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection1

When to Trim

A much as you want long hair for your wedding day, you also want healthy hair!  There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful bride with long, loose curls that turn into a frizzy disaster after the ceremony because her ends haven’t been trimmed in 9 months.

To help extend your growth without destroying your hair’s health, keep up with your trims, but stretch them out between 7-10 weeks opposed to the normal 6-8 week timeline.

This not only takes off split ends and keeps the shape of your hairstyle; it prevents breakage by getting rid of the unhealthy ends that you would normally brush through every day.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection2

Careful Brushing

Many don’t realize when attempting to grow their hair out in a short period of time that your hairbrush can be your worst enemy!  By brushing unhealthy/ damaged hair, you’re actually breaking the hair off higher up the hair strand because it’s constantly getting tugged and pulled by brush bristles.  By making sure you get regular trims and being gentle when brushing, you will avoid that terrible frizzy look.

Whether you are planning to wear your hair up or down, those broken strands show by half way through the night!

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection3


Conditioning is also the key to a beautiful wedding day hairstyle.  Most people quickly shampoo and condition their hair in the shower but leaving your conditioner in to penetrate the cuticle will add strength and elasticity to your hair strands.  If it’s washed out too quickly, you hair may feel soft but it’s not getting the moisturizing agents it needs.

Also invest in a deep conditioning treatment.  These can be used one time each week if needed and are aimed at a wide variety of hair issues such as dryness, damaged hair and oily scalp. A deep conditioning enforces strength, shine and helps repair damaged hair leaving your stylist a healthy canvas to work on when creating your wedding look.

Leave in conditioner/ oils are a great way to ensure your hair gets the nourishment it needs throughout the day; especially for South Florida beach lovers!  Comb it through every day before baking in the sun.  If you’re mostly at the office, spray/rub it on before blow drying.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection4


Hair, skin and nail supplements are all the rage right now.  Women all over the world have taken them and surprise, surprise- the results are true to their promises; hair grows longer and quicker when you take the right one.

Many claim that the vitamin Biotin (B complex vitamin) is what you need for hair growth.  Others say just by taking a vitamin on a daily basis is enough to do the job.  Either way, vitamins will help with the growth of your hair.

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection5


Ensure your colorist uses the least damaging method of coloring/foiling for your hair and have your color touched up about a week and half from the wedding date.  High lift colors might be a great alternative to bleach if you are concerned about damage.  Scheduling your final appointment a week and a half before your wedding day will give the color time to settle and leaves time for touch ups in case your stylist got your blonde formula mixed up with Carmen’s Black!

How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection6

Here are two recommendations for products that I have tested time and time again and have found to have the best results.How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection7

Deep conditioning treatment:  It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes for optimal results.  Hair is left feeling soft, nourished, moisturized, shiny and healthy.  Truly awesome!


How To Prepare Your Hair For Wedding Day Perfection8100% Pure Coconut Oil

Since most of us are trying to go all natural, this product is one I absolutely love!  The smell alone makes you feel like you’re on an island and the benefits are amazing.  Since its oil you want to use very little.  I put a dab in my palm, rub my hands together and scrunch it onto the ENDS of my hair.  I distribute it evenly from the mid-shaft to the ends with a comb or my fingers.  Since the ends are what need the extra moisture, skip the roots and you’ll avoid looking oily! Hair is left shiny, strengthened and smelling great!