Can’t Miss Wedding Dress Trends

The next season of wedding fashion will be dramatic and daring.  There are 4 very distinctive trends just beginning and we want to make sure our Addison brides get the news first!

While all 4 trends are distinctive, the key is to choose one that speaks to your personality and style and can be made to accentuate rather than work against your body type.  While all 4 trends are equally compelling choices, make sure not to mix and match them to much, as subtlety is important when it comes to this year’s daring trends!


Long Sleeves

Plan to see lots of dresses with either elbow length or long sleeves in a variety of styles.  A lot of the sleeved dresses at the height of fashion right now will have a retro 1950’s look, while other will be modern and dramatic.  This look works great for any season!


Skirts with Hidden Color

One of the more subtle, but daring trends you will see right now is the addition of colorful underskirts or bright patterns sown into the inside of the skirt.  This is a great idea for a bride who wants her dress to have a movement.  All brides spend the night dancing away and this trend is guaranteed to keep you and your amazing bridal creation the center of attention throughout the night.  It also adds a great additional element for your wedding photos!


Texture & Layers for Full Skirts

While the full skirt princess dress is for the most part out of wedding fashion at the moment, the one exception to this seasons sleeker more form fitting or simpler ankle length or knee length skirt seems to be big dramatic texture and layers.  So if you have been dreaming of a big fabric flare since you were a little girl, check out these styles that add drama to the classic look.


Daring Low or Backless Dresses

The hottest trend in bridal fashion right now by far is the daring backless dress!  While it may appear this style was created for only the rail-thin 6 ft tall model and no one else, there are actually many variations for the backless wedding dress out there.  Most brides should be able to find a style that suits their body type and the functionality they need for the big day they are planning.