You’ve probably heard of Brazil’s Carnival and New Orleans’ Mardi Gras. If the idea of that breed of adrenaline-fed, circus-like ostentatious fun appeals to you, the la hora loca trend is for you.

Plenty of brides are interested in sprucing up their receptions with a little something extra. Viennese hour incorporates small dessert stations, mingling and coffee. Specialty food bars and surprise performers are very popular too. For brides and grooms that want to really impress their guests and deliver the “wow” factor, a la hora loca wedding is a fantastic option. And if you’re looking for la hora loca ideas, in general, be sure to read on!

Spanish for “the crazy hour,” this tradition was born in Venezuela, although it has roots in Spain. Essentially, la hora loca is a party-within-the-party. When it comes to a traditional gathering like a wedding reception, it usually takes place after the formal agenda and just as the party begins to slow down. The lights will dim, and then suddenly a riot of color, noise-makers, confetti, lights, feathered dancers, and performers fill the room to get the party re-ignited. La hora loca is a great way to pull out all the stops for a party. The excitement can ensue for up to an hour, delighting the guests and keeping the energy high.

La hora loca celebrates life, fun and excitement, and is a perfect compliment for a wedding celebration. It is an entertaining, exciting and surprising way to wow guests, and it is also a great way to show them a bit of extra appreciation for attending the commemorative day. A la hora loca wedding guarantees a good time!

La hora loca has recently gained a significant following in Florida and throughout the nation. Why not consider adding “the crazy hour” to your own reception at the Addison?

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