Glatt Kosher Catering & Wedding/Event Venue

When it comes to full-service glatt kosher catering in Boca Raton, the Addison does not settle for less than exceptional service and cuisine. Under the supervision of the Orthodox Rabbinical Board (ORB), the highest standards are employed and our attention to detail is unparalleled. Whether planning a kosher wedding, mitzvah catering, celebration, or corporate affair, the Addison kosher caterer prides itself on client-satisfaction through best-in-class menu execution, and service - all while maintaining compliance with the strictest dietary guidelines. Not just a kosher wedding venue, but we can come to you! In 2015, the American Institute of Hospitality Sciences awarded the Addison their first ever Five Star Diamond for glatt kosher catering in South Florida. Our kosher event venue serves you at any location. We relish the opportunity to help you plan your next kosher catering event, and to delighting your guests.
I attended an event at the Addison through the Jewish Federation. When the host told us our lunch was glatt kosher, I didn't believe her! It was delicious and absolutely perfect!
Melissa B. Aug 31, 2017
kosher wedding boca raton
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