Addison: What led you to the Addison? How did you know it was the venue for you?

Susan: My best friend got married at the Addison in 2013 and Wes and I fell in love with the venue when we were guests.  We got to experience the Addison first hand and enjoyed the venue, food and service. When it was time for us to decide where we wanted to get married my best friend encourage us to consider the Addison.  At first we were hesitant of selecting the same setting for our wedding as my best friend and so we looked at other venues. In the end there just wasn’t anywhere else that compared! The courtyard area is beautiful for a ceremony and the indoor space is so unique. It’s exactly everything we were looking for and more.

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AddisonHow would you describe your wedding look? What inspired your décor theme?

Susan:  Our wedding look evolved as we started planning the wedding.  At first I wanted a rustic look, but I soon realized that what I really wanted was something simple, elegant, and romantic.  To create the romantic feel I wanted lots of candles, beautiful flower displays and an elegant ceiling draping which is exactly what Daniel Events created for us.

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Addison: What was the best tasting-bite of the night?

Susan: The Chilean Sea Bass is delicious!

Addison: You and Wes hosted a destination wedding.  How did that affect your strategy as far as your guest list and your RSVP’s?  What advice would you give a destination bride when navigating this process?

Susan:  We wanted an intimate wedding so we invited about 149 guests. Considering it was a destination wedding we figured about 100 guests would RSVP.  Our final count was about 90 people.  I was very happy we kept it small because we were able to go to each table and spend time with each guest who took the time to attend.  As a destination wedding, I made sure to request RSVP’s a full six weeks prior to the date. I recommend that any destination bride plan for at least that much time, as preparations are understandably more involved than the average wedding.

Addison: What is the moment from your wedding that will always stick out in your mind the most?  What moment do you think your guests will always remember?

Susan:  The moment I will always remember the most is when the doors open and my dad and I walked down the aisle. It was very surreal to see all my family and friends there supporting us on our special day.  We also exchange words from the heart during our vows, which was very special. Wes’s words were very sweet and heartfelt and I will remember them always! As for our guests, I am confident their greatest memory will be on the food. We are still getting comments about how much they enjoyed it!

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