We loved this Rockabilly themed wedding.

1950’s glam with a modern twist worked perfectly for the couple and their bridal party!

Nikki and Spike incorporated the exact elements needed to make their theme clear without going overboard. Just perfect! Enjoy commentary from Nikki and Spike along with photos of their big day shot by Starfish Studios.

Retro Rockabilly Glam1

Retro Rockabilly Glam2

Retro Rockabilly Glam3


Starfish Studios, our photographer, recommended the South Inlet Park at the end of Camino for our first look and it turned out just amazing! You would think the location was built for beautiful photography with the water and all the lush greenery in the background. Also, the South Inlet Park is just minutes away from the Addison and the perfect place to stop on your way to the venue.

Retro Rockabilly Glam4

Retro Rockabilly Glam5

Retro Rockabilly Glam6


I’ve always been in love with the 1950s pin up glam era, so I knew on our big day I wanted to incorporate a mix of our more modern tattooed look with the retro rockabilly style. I found my bridesmaid dresses on Etsy for only $50.00! I wanted them to be playfully themed and comfortable while not breaking the bank. I found my dress on Miracle Mile in Miami. The first little boutique I went to I tried it on and bought it that day! I knew it was perfect. I felt like a modern tattooed pin up bride!

Retro Rockabilly Glam7

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The Addison is known everywhere for its unique beauty and the consistency of their event experience. I was so excited to check it out! It was the first and last venue we looked at. We instantly fell in love with it and booked it the next day!

Retro Rockabilly Glam10


Our favorite moment from the ceremony was walking down the aisle towards Spike waiting for me at the end. I loved that moment where everyone who loves and cares for us was there to celebrate our marriage. It was super emotional and my face was sore after the ceremony from the permanent smile on my face!

Retro Rockabilly Glam11

Retro Rockabilly Glam12

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I feel so lucky to have married an artist who is so creative and crafty! He created most of our special details for the wedding. My favorite was probably our sign in shadow box. It’s such a memorable piece of art now for our house and it’s even cooler that he was able to create it! The vintage desk from Refinery Vintage was just perfect for our day. It was so diverse and really tied in our theme throughout the night.

Retro Rockabilly Glam14

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We had an idea in our mind of what our wedding cake would look like. We brought Sugar Chef, one of the Addison’s cake partners, a photo of a lace cake to use as a reference and then hoped for best. In the end what they created surpassed our expectations! Spike actually created our cake topper out of a Christmas ornament we received after getting engaged! As usual he got crafty with it and the result was perfection!

Retro Rockabilly Glam17

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