The Addison’s Notable Newlyweds: Dani and Zach

Dani and Zach wedding day

We have the pleasure of meeting so many special couples while planning one of the most important and memorable days of their lives.  Our new series “Notable Newlyweds” allows us to share their stories and experiences with you!

Our second couple, Danielle and Zachary got married at the Addison on May 30, 2021.

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Dani and Zach are such a sweet and loving duo – we can’t wait for  you to hear all about them below!

ADDISON: How did you and your husband meet?
DANIELLE: We matched on Tinder the same day that Zach moved to Virginia!

ADDISON: What was your first date?
DANIELLE: When we went to a local sushi spot in Norfolk, Virginia.

ADDISON: When did you know it was love?
DANIELLE: For both of us it was when Zach brought me to his hometown in Florida and introduced me to his family for the first time.  I could see how much love he had for them and it made me feel even more connected to him.

ADDISON: How did he propose?
DANIELLE: Zach took me to Mizner Park for “brunch” and as we were waiting for the “reservation” we walked around until he proposed in front of the fountain.  He then blindfolded me until we arrived to the FAU stadium where he had a video of all of our friends and family saying congratulations.

Dani and Zach 2

ADDISON: Why did you choose the Addison?
DANIELLE: The Addison was the first venue I found when I started searching for places!  I was obsessed with the beautiful trees and string lights as well as the history of the place.  Not only is the space beautiful, but everyone raved about how good the food was.  I was immediately sold!

ADDISON: What was the theme of your wedding?
DANIELLE: I was inspired by Florida citrus and decided to have our color theme in various shades of pink, yellow, and orange.

ADDISON: Would you have done anything differently?
DANIELLE: This took a bit to answer because the night was perfect!  Only thing I can think of is that I wish we included our dog in the ceremony.  I was nervous about him barking or having someone take care of him during it, but I later found out that there are services out there specifically for this!

ADDISON: What advice would you give soon-to-be brides and grooms?
DANIELLE: Try not to stress the day of the wedding!  Your vendors will take care of everything and know what they are doing!  Communication is key!  If you ever get into a disagreement, make sure to talk it out and don’t go to bed frustrated with each other.  After getting married make sure you still do something special with each other.  It is easy to get lost in a routine, so making sure to reserve special time whether that is going out on date nights or putting your phones away after dinner each night helps make sure you don’t take each other for granted.

The Addison's Notable Newlyweds: Dani and Zach