Tips for Summer Weddings in South Florida

While the summer months might be considered the “Off Season” in South Florida, there are some great advantages to hosting a summer wedding.  Not only will couples find across the board savings, including air travel, hotel rooms, venues and vendors, but it is also easier for families to travel to attend your wedding while children are on summer break from school.

Here at the Addison we host weddings throughout the summer and have some great tips for couples planning their big day in South Florida’s warmer months!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding1

While you may be concerned about the heat, summer is a beautiful time to hold an outside ceremony and the glorious Banyan Trees provide more than just ambiance; the enormous canopy shades the courtyard and sunset is later too.   Typically, a ceremony lasts for roughly 30 minutes and as long as you prepare your guests and choose a location with shade and a natural breeze, outdoor nuptials can be a great choice! Signature drinks can be replaced with fun, fruity drinks or popsicles.

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding2

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding3

Provide Your Guests with Fans

There are several creative ways to offer your guests the opportunity to cool down during a summer ceremony outdoors.  Below are a few of our favorites!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding4

Simple and Elegant

The classic Asian style folding fans can be a great choice, especially since you can get them in almost any color to match your décor!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding5

Invitations & Program Fans

Many companies offer wedding invitations or programs that are made to be used as fans during an outdoor ceremony.  Etsy is one company that allows you to create your own online and have them delivered straight to your home or venue.  This is a fun way to keep your guests cool!

Photo Fans

Another creative idea is to provide your wedding guests with fans that feature a great shot of the bride and groom.  This can serve as a great memento for your guests and great way to use your favorite photo from your engagement shoot!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding6

Refresh You Guests

Butler Passed Summer Cocktails

Plan a fun summer cocktail like a fruit flavored Mojito which can be butler passed to guests as they arrive.  This is a fun way to help beat the heat!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding7

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding8

Refreshment Arrival Station

Another great option is to have a refreshment station pre-set for your ceremony guests upon arrival.  This way your guests can help themselves while also giving you the opportunity to extend your décor theme to a spot everyone will see as they arrive! Customized water or juice bottles are also a wonderful addition.

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding9Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding10

Lighter Men’s Formal Wear

There are lots of fashion options out there for the groom, his groomsmen and your guests that will be more forgiving in the heat.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to forgo formality when hosting a wedding in the summer months and still be comfortable.  Here are some of our favorites featuring light linen fabric and cool trendy colors.

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding11

Short Bridesmaids Dresses

Summer is a great opportunity for your bridal party to sport cute short dresses instead of the predictable formal gown.  Here are some great looks to consider!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding12

Go Flower Crazy

A summer wedding is the perfect chance to have your dream flowers everywhere! It is the time of year when your florist can get almost anything you want without paying a fortune for out-of-season varieties.  Check out all the amazing options you have!

Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding13

Summer Colors               

Summer is the time when any color goes. Create your dream day with the huge array of summer classics.

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Tips For hosting a Summer Wedding15